User Interface - LCD TV

LCD TV display menu - redesign of navigation architecture and visuals

My role: User Interface - Information and Visual Designer
Client: Videocon consumer durables (
Timeline: Sep'10-Dec10
Process: User research, usablity evaluation, color and icon trends study, prototyping
Tools: Usability Heuristics, Trend study Coreldraw, Adobe CS, Wireframing, Mockups

1. Project introduction

With the indegenious design and development of LCD TVs, Videocon needed a new user interface for menu system that could break the traditional third party vendor provided vintage graphical user interface. The new GUI were to be introduced in all the LCD TVs and replace the old third party provided UI. A new navigational structure and fresh icon designs were needed to design a new menu system.

2. Features

Trendy icons, dynamic design, fresh color theme, form (graphical) follows function

Videocon's existing third party LCD TV UI:

3. Trend study - markert visit and analysis of competition

4. Breaking away from conventional navigation - new UI ideas/wireframes

5. Final concept

The decision was made by a committee of dealers, sales and marketing team to move ahead with the darker theme and replace all text with icons. Further, an icon bank was created to give metaphors to various TV functions that were available.

6. Outcome/ future steps

The new user interface was applauded during the yearly dealer/distributer meeting of Videcon consumer durables group. The design was sent for mass manufacturing.