Online stock portfolio manager: mobile application

System design project - mobile based stock portfolio monitor

My role: Information architect and interaction designer
Client: Academic project - IIT Guwahati (Team of two)
Timeline: Jan'06-Apr'06
Process: User research, storyboarding, persona creation, flash prototyping
Tools: System design and analysis - UML, Usability heuristics, Adobe CS, Flash MX, Emulator

1. Project introduction

The aim was to design a mobile application for retail investors, to help them in managing portfolio and trading stocks using the user interface. Till Jan-2006, no mobile based stock trading service was available in India. The product bench-marking was done using systems prevailing in foreign countries. Also, there were greater limitations then as compared to today, in terms of applications which can be used in a mobile phone successfully.

2. Features

Must haves: An easy to use interface that is quick to launch and fast in executing orders. Attributes - light graphics, clean analytics, graphical chart, update/refresh prices, view portfolio, edit portfolio, buy/sell equity, watch market trends

3. Entity interaction study

Analysis of the system from a bird eye perspective was performed to gauge the relationships between them:

4. User needs and usage scenario: an investor on the move

The following images capture a scenario:

5. User experience goals and "aha" moments

6. Usability comparison

A comparison was done between the screen sizes and keyboard sizes of PC and mobile phones (year 2006):

7. Wireframes and high fidelity screens

I created the wireframes and high fidelity screens to convey the workflows and how user would navigate through the various user tasks. A flash mock up was also showcased during the final presentation.

8. Outcome/future steps

I received great feedback about this project as this was well ahead of its times in India. Mobile internet was very slow in 2006 and the idea of monitoring one's stock portfolio on a handheld device immediately connected with the audience. I scored 100% in grades for this project.