website (

Website redesign project

My role: User interface designer
Client: SocioApps Foundation (
Timeline: Sep'13-Dec13
Process: Information design, interaction design, wireframing, html prototyping
Tools: coreldraw, adobe cs, dreamweaver

1. Project introduction

The aim was to design a mobile application for retail investors, to help them in managing portfolio and trading stocks using the user interface. Till Jan-2006, no mobile based stock trading service was available in India. The product bench-marking was done using systems prevailing in foreign countries. Also, there were greater limitations then as compared to today, in terms of applications which can be used in a mobile phone successfully.

2. Features

Must haves: Trendy layout, clean landing page, fresh color theme, light graphics

3. Information design / navigational structure

4. Wireframes and high fidelity screens

I created the wireframes and high fidelity screens to convey the workflows and how user would navigate through the various user tasks. A flash mock up was also showcased during the final presentation.

5. Outcome/future steps

The new website was launched and was considered a major upgrade from its previous design, when surveyed with users and stakeholders. This also helped the client in attracting more users to the content. At present, the website has been again upgraded to include the products and services that are now up and running.